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Oct 13

October – Welcome Claire

Welcome to Claire, my new marketing assistant and office manager at the Portofino Yacht Club condo. She just arrived 10 days ago from France. Don't hesitate to come if you need an excuse to drink a cup of coffee. Claire handles all the rentals and unit management, as well as social networks and blog articles. She graduated in Burgundy school of business in 2022. She has an MBA in management and marketing. She will be in the office for all your…...

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May 05

May 2022 Update- Yacht Club at Portofino

We're just a few weeks away from the entire construction days being over. The lobby looks spectacular, and the driveway is almost finished too. In the meantime, the maintenance team has been working hard to refresh the hallway on every floor, repairing the small cracks and baseboards. In addition, the windows will be cleaned by Stark Enterprise starting May 2nd. This job will take about 2 weeks to be completed, I wish you all a lovely month of May,   Daniela

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Apr 05

APRIL 2022 – Lobby Update

Dear Yacht Club residents,   I am delighted to announce, that the lobby is almost finished!   The Yacht Club is organizing a celebration on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. I will of course be there to celebrate with everyone. Therefore, we will be able to use the new lobby from that day, fantastic!   The curved wall will be done in about 4 weeks, during construction a vinyl wall will be in place from 8 am to 5 pm every day.…...

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Mar 24

Lobby update – Yacht Club

What a day for the Yacht Club! This morning I had the pleasure to look at the lobby, and it's almost done! I love the entire design and brightness of the space. I am looking forward to seeing it completely done in April. I will soon be back in my original office, you are more than welcome to come to see us, Best regards, Daniela

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Mar 23

March update – Miami Beach Curfew

Dear Yacht Club residents, In order to face the recent events and massive spring break crowds around Miami Beach, the city council has ordered a state of emergency and a curfew. Starting: Thursday, March 24th, 2022 at 11:59 pm Ending: Monday, March 28th, 2022 6:00a.m In order to enter the delimited perimeter, residents of Miami Beach shall provide proof of residency, and hotel guests shall provide proof of reservation. All roads or traffic within the designated area ( the beach up…...

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Mar 16

Yacht Club – March update

Good news!

  The shop is opening again soon! Last week, workers were down here at the Yacht Club working on the facade of the coffee shop. Lately, we've also seen workers finishing up the elevators area, and I have to say, it looks very good! Like all of you, I cannot wait for everything to be completely finished, patience, soon enough our wonderful building will be flawless. Kind regards, Daniela    

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Mar 08

Yacht Club – March update

Dear Yacht Club residents, I am delighted to announce the management team is welcoming Robert Bonilla, our new Assistant General Manager. Robert will be assisting residents in their daily life. It's with great pleasure that the entire staff here at the Yacht Club will collaborate with him. Welcome, Robert!  

Robert's contact information:

Phone number : (305)673-4448 ext.2003

E-mail: admin@90alton.com

The management office is located on the third floor, across the garage. Thank you very much, Daniela    

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Mar 02

Yacht Club – February update

Dear residents, As we all noticed, the elevators haven't been operational for a few days now. It has been quite hectic in the temporary lobby as the average wait for a cabin increased. There are 5 cabs in total at the Yacht Club, as of now : ➜ Cab 3 & Marina elevator are fully functional. ➜ Cab 1 & 4 are functioning, but not responding to hallway calls, therefore the YCP staff is here to help you and transport the…...

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Feb 01

Yacht Club – January Update

Dear residents, I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy and indoors ! Because I wasn't and just stayed a week at home after catching  a flu .... We Miamians are not used to this cold front ! This beginning of the year will see the return of our favorite Italian Bistro at the Yacht Club. I seriously miss it ! From coffee to a salad it's a great amenity The target date for the welcome back is April 1st, 2022.…...

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Jan 25

Welcome home

What a fantastic beginning of the year! The Yacht Club at Portofino and its fantastic location in our wonderful South of Fifth neighborhood is the place to be in Miami Beach. We currently have 3 units available for rent, it’s your chance to move–in and take advantage of everything the beach has to offer. I am beyond happy to have some options for you, as last year has been very special here in South Florida with a very hot market! 3…...

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