Beginning Of The Year Information

Welcome to the latest update in The Yacht Club at Portofino! You can find the newest information regarding the building below:

January is the first month of the year and we wish an Happy New Year to everyone!

The management office is in the process of relocating to the ground floor. This move is expected to have a beneficial impact on all residents. The current office, situated on the 3rd floor across the parking area, has been less than convenient for residents, and this relocation will have a significant impact for the residents.

In another significant improvement, the grocery store within the building has a new tenant. This means residents will soon have access to all their essential items without leaving the premises. The grand opening is scheduled for the end of February.

Concerning the work in progress in the building, the workers are servicing the marina elevators, and they will begin to build the main elevators as soon as they have finished with the one that connects the promenade to the 6th floor. The maintenance team had to repair a pipe that broke and affected the air conditioning in the lobby, but they fixed the problem within a day.

This month, Condoideas Realty Group, the real estate situated in the lobby is hosting a cocktail to celebrate the reopening of their office. All the residents are invited from 6pm to 7pm on the 25th of January in the real estate office next to the lobby of The Yacht Club at Portofino. It’s a great opportunity for residents to meet their neighbors.

Lastly, to speak about real estate, there is 6 units available for sale, the average price per sqft for a 1 bedroom is $1,078per sqft and for 2 bedrooms it is $1,233 per sqft. Those prices have set an historic record for the building. If you want to sell a condo at the Yacht Club Portofino it may be the right time!

Contact us if you need more information about what is available or just to have an estimate of your unit:, or phone: at +1 786 567 1048. Our office is next to the lobby if you prefer to meet us.