August – Annual Preventive Maintenance Program

Get ready for some important news in this August update! An exciting initiative lined up that’s all about looking out for each other’s safety and comfort. The fantastic maintenance and security team is gearing up for their annual preventative maintenance walkthrough.

They will check the Air Conditioning unit, any signs of leaks in the toilets and showers, the smoke detectors. They will also inspect the windows and inspect the door.  The balcony wellness will also be checked and the door functionality. Many items to ensure that your property is functional and prevent any potential problems.

We recommend all residents and unit owners to grant access to our maintenance team during this annual preventative maintenance walkthrough.  If any owner or resident chooses to opt out or deny access to the YCP maintenance team during the scheduled walkthrough, please understand that the association cannot be held responsible for any negligence or adverse consequences arising from your unit. 

Another news at the Yacht Club is the newest Bike Tool Stand on the 2nd floor of the parking garage. If you need to fix a flat tire or adjust your brakes, the Bike Stool Stand is the perfect place to do it. The stand is located next to the vending machine.

Lastly, the pool fountain area has issues with the waterproofing material. They are fixing the problem to have a pool who meet the high standards.

Stay safe, happy, and let’s make The Yacht Club Portofino the best it can be!