Yacht Club at Portofino – Lobby remodeling update

The Yacht Club at Portofino Condo has now officially entered Phases 2 & 3 of the lobby remodeling. As part of these phases, the lobby will be located next door effective September 21st at 8:00 am.

The main entrance of the Yacht Club at Portofino condo will be located next to the valet parking station which will serve as an ENTRANCE only, in order to follow the social distancing guidelines established by the city. There will be arrows leading to the elevators, mailroom, and the exit.

The food and grocery delivery table will be located next to the concierge desk. For those packages delivered at the front desk, you’ll be able to request them as usual with the concierge staff.

The new exit of the lobby will be located at the end of the commercial hallway next to the convenience store. Please note that this will be the ONLY EXIT even for those coming down the elevators. The Yacht Club at Portofino Condo has installed red arrows guiding residents to the exit.

Residents at the Portofino Yacht Club condo will now have access to the lobby restrooms in front of the hairdresser commercial office.

The Yacht Club at Portofino keeps on working every day to assure the lobby remodeling will be finished as soon as possible. The management office asks its residents for their patience during this process that will bring value to the building and each one of its units.