Yacht Club at Portofino updated – Latest MBPD action plan to ensure public health

The management office at the Yacht Club at Portofino Condo wants to keep all its residents updated on the latest news and action plans of the City of Miami Beach for all the community to be aware of the situation.

This time the Yacht Club at Portofino condo informed which will be the latest action plan to be followed by the City of Miami Beach. As new challenges have been noticed by the police department, various changes have been added to the current COVID-19 prevention plan followed by the city’s residents.

Hereafter is a list including the current and new rules to assure the public health:

1. SHORT-TERM RENTALS (less than 6 months) WILL BE PROHIBITED. Effective July 16th. The Portofino Yacht Club Condo is not allowing short-term rentals until further notice. 

2. Restaurants shall only offer outdoor on-site service only between 6 am to 10 pm.

3. The South of Fifth neighborhood has been assigned an additional officer to assist throughout the weekend.

4. 22 new police offices have been assigned to patrol the entertainment and residential areas of Miami Beach.

5. Loud music won’t be permitted. Live entertainment is prohibited.

6. Miami Beach Police Department will continue to enforce the City-wide curfew from 10 pm to 6 am.

7. Pick-ups are prohibited during the curfew hours.