The Yacht Club at Portofino Condo is already in the second phase of the lobby renovation and is currently working on the elevator and hallway’s area. For the past few weeks, the condo residents have been asked to access the building from the garage and take the elevator on the second floor as the elevator’s lobby area needed to be clear for workers during labor hours.

The management office at the Yacht Club at Portofino Condo informed its residents that the due line for the elevator area to be clear from residents on July 2nd will be extended as per a request of the contractor in charge of the lobby remodeling. The new due line is on July 10th, and the hours when residents won’t be able to access the elevators from the lobby are 7:30 am to 5 pm on the weekdays.

The service elevator at the Yacht Club Condo will be accessible to go to the receiving area, and the mailroom will be close on weekdays until 5 pm.

The management office is working hand to hand with the contractor’s company to avoid any inconvenience for the condo residents and sincerely apologize for this unforeseen.

We will continue to keep you updated on the lobby remodeling project.