Lobby remodeling update at the Yacht Club at Portofino condo

For those who are wondering how is the lobby remodeling at the Yach Club at Portofino condo going, here is a quick update!

Phase I of the remodeling plan is almost over now, including the commercial hallway where the convenient store, contractor’s office, hairdresser, and our Condoideas Realty Group office are located. This also includes the lobby bathrooms that I have to say, give us a really positive introduction of how the lobby will look like when all the phases are over.

The next phase of the lobby project at the Yacht Club at Portofino condo features the mailroom and the elevator hallway. This phase has been undergoing for a while now, and residents have been facing some limitation on the elevators and mailbox room’s use, however, this is about to be over as the contractor’s office in charge of the remodeling has shifted the lobby elevator partition wall so that residents could have access to all 4 elevators.

Nevertheless, the City of Miami Beach has informed the Yacht Club at Portofino that as the south part of the lobby (the one including the commercial hallway) is still considered as a “construction area”, so it will have to remain closed to residents.

This is causing disturbance for accessing the mailroom, which is why the management office at the Yacht Club has decided to allow pick up and drop off in the mailroom from 5 pm to 10 pm every day. The front desk will advise security, which will then provide access to residents.

Even if it might not be the most comfortable situation, we have to keep in mind that all these combined efforts have one same goal that is to achieve the successful lobby remodeling completion. The management office at the Yacht Club condo thanks all its residents for their constant cooperation on this matter.