Condoideas Realty Group office is back in the lobby of the Portofino Yacht Club

After 4 months of working out of the management office, we are now back to our lobby office at the Portofino Yacht Club. The entrance is right next to the valet station. The office is only a third of its actual size but at least we have an outdoor entrance and beautiful new flooring. Pass by to say hi when you have a chance.

What are the updates for the lobby itself? Well, the hallway and the bathrooms of Phase 1 is almost over finished. Check out the pictures hereafter of the new bathrooms. They look awesome.


In the next few weeks, they should start with Phase 2 which is the elevator landing of the Yacht Club at Portofino. This means that within 4/5 months they will start the lobby itself.

Regarding the deli, we might have back a deli that serves cooked meals and brews us some coffee since the building is getting quotes from different vendors to put a grease trap as per the city regulations.

Let’s check out the deals you can find at the Portofino Yacht Club this month. Unit #1207 is listed at a great price for $415,000 but if you have the means I would go for the best deal which is #3007 listed for $449,000. The view is gorgeous from that floor height.

Then if you want to buy a 2 bedroom at the Portofino Yacht Club you have a lot of choices which means you can negotiate the price down. All of the ones facing the ocean are in the high $600’s. I hope you are not looking for a 2 bed facing the bay because I unfortunately just have one at this time which is listed for $1,089,000.