Which floor plan is your dream condo in the Portofino Yacht Club?

Having worked in the Portofino Yacht Club for more than 15 years I know the building by heart but when you first visit it you need a site map. Let’s say that I’ll be your guide of the building.

The Portofino Yacht Club has 3 areas of residential units. The tower, the townhouses in the front (alton road) and the townhouses/flats on the marina side, underneath the pool.

Let’s start with the easiest one which is the tower. Every floor is divided into 12 units at the Portofino Yacht Club. Out of these 12 units, 4 of them are one bedroom and 8 are two bedrooms. The one bedroom units come in two different types of floor plans. The 1 bed facing the bay come with an open kitchen with 780sqft of living space. These lines are the 06 and the 08 lines. Then the 1 bed facing the city have an enclosed kitchen and are 740sqft. These are the 07 and 05 line. The great assets of the 1 bedrooms are the

Now let’s talk about the 2 bedrooms at the Portofino Yacht Club. There are 2 different floor plans. The smaller 2 bed are 1,090sqft and these are the 03 and 09 line when facing the city or the 10 and 04 line when facing the bay. The largest 2 bedrooms are the corner units. You will enjoy 1,130sqft of livable space. The 02 and the 12 line face the bay whereas the 01 and 11 line face the city.

Finally let’s talk about the Penthouses at the Yacht Club at Portofino. We have 3 floors of penthouses. You’ll be able to choose between a 1,2 or 3 bed penthouse. They all enjoy higher ceilings and the majority have expansive terraces. At this time PH3210 is for sale for $1,999,000.

The other part of the building are the Townhouses and flats. The Townhouses on the marina side are 3 bedrooms on 2 floors. They are the biggest units in the Portofino Yacht Club. Then you have the flats which are 2 bed and also large 1 bed+den. The townhouses or villas on the Alton Road side are also large. The largest unit in the entire building is right now for sale for $8,995,000. It is a 6 bedrooms featuring 4,500sqft under Air conditioning.