The ins and outs of the Yacht Club at Portofino neighborhood

1. Outdoor activities close to the Portofino Yacht Club
First and foremost the beach in the South of Fifth neighborhood is less crowded than up North.
Then, South Pointe Park is the best park in the area for its size, its crowd, and its activities. Along Biscayne Bay, you can stroll on the boardwalk and enjoy the sunset overlooking downtown Miami. You can also walk on the pier to feel some fresh air. In the evening you can meditate or do some yoga for free in the park.
The South Pointe park also encompasses a dog park and a kids park.
You can also rent a jet ski or a boat in the marina right at the feet of the Yacht Club at Portofino.

2. Restaurants walking distance to the Portofino Yacht Club

I’ll describe more in-depth the restaurants in the neighborhood in my next blog. However, I am going to give you a recap of the best ones here.
First, if you are looking to eat meat you cannot miss Prime 112 or Smith and Wollensky. I feel like the meat is better in the first one but the scenery is outstanding in the latter.
Then for fish, you can try Milos or Prime fish.
If you are looking for casual Italian food my favorite of all is Call me Gaby. La Locanda has also great food but the outdoor scene is not comparable.
Let’s not forget to mention the best breakfast at Pura Vida and Prima Classe or the 4D ice cream parlor.


3. Dog parks close to the Portofino Yacht Club

There are 3 dog parks in the neighborhood. The best is the south pointe park but if your little fur friend has some freedom issues then there are 2 gated ones along 2nd street between Washington and Collins.


4. Kid parks
The South Pointe Park is the biggest but there is also one called Marjory Stoneman on Ocean Drive between 2nd and 3rd street.


5. Library in front of the Portofino Yacht Club
Did you know there is a library right in front of the Yacht Club at Portofino? There is also a pharmacy and a property insurance broker next to it.


6. Grocery shopping
The closest is our Italian bistro in the lobby but if you need to do serious grocery shopping then Publix or Whole Foods are respectively on Alton and 5th and Alton and 10th.


7. Night time in the neighborhood
If you play hard then Story nightclub is the place to party. Nikky beach is also great on weekends. On the softer side, there is the South Pointe Tavern, the minibar or the cigar lounge.