A guide to your first steps in the Yacht Club at Portofino

You just bought or rented at the Yacht Club? Here are the main things you should know about settling in the building?


  1. Staff:

I’ll do a more detailed “Who’s who “ in the Portofino Yacht Club in another post but you’ll find here the basics.

Front desk: They know it all so if you are lost that’s the number one person who’ll help you and is available 24/7.

Valet: You know that every residence comes with 2 parking spots. One is self-park and the other one is valet. You just need to put a sticker (to get from the management office) on your headlights and you’ll be free to get in and out. They are also 24/7 at the Yacht Club at Portofino. They can provide you with shopping carts

Management office: Located on the 3rd floor of the Portofino Yacht Club, on the other side of the parking. They will help with registering your car, your fob, pay your maintenance dues as well as issues with common area items such as a leak or as simple as a mailbox key. They are open 9am-5pm

Receiving: That’s where you get your Amazon packages ! They are located in the back of the service elevator. You will receive an email from them once they have a package for you.


  1. Amenities

Pool: Located on the 6th floor of the Yacht Club at Portofino, it’s open from 7am-11pm.

Tennis: Located on the 6th floor. You need to reserve at the front desk or online. 7am-11pm

BBQ area: Located next to the pool, there are 5 grills. No need to reserve except if you are hosting a party. It is open from 11 am to 11 pm

Fitness center: Located on the 2nd floor. Open 5am-11pm

Bikes: located on the 2nd floor you can get a key from the management office and store your bike inside.

Hairdresser: Giancarlo De Berardini is located in the lobby next to my office. Awesome and famous Giancarlo will transform you

Contracting services; PCS is located also next to my office in the lobby’

Italian Bistro: They are the livelihood of the Portofino Yacht Club ! Come enjoy an oven-baked pizza or buy your last-minute wine bottle from their great selection.

Wifi: There is free wifi in the lobby and at the pool.



  1. Rules and regulations

If you want the full transcript then be my guest and ask for one at the management office. Let me do a little summary of what’s important to know.

Guest/tenant registration:  The building tracks down illegal short term rental so if you want to be a great new resident just register with the management office everyone who’s coming to visit you even for just a few days and don’t forget your housekeeper.

Pets: All dogs must be registered and must be on the leash anywhere in the building. Pets are not allowed at the pool, bbq or tennis deck. Only 2 pets per unit at the Portofino Yacht Club

Pool: No glass containers are allowed at the pool and no children under 15 may stay without an adult.

Contractors: They need to be registered and show their license as well as insurance to the management office. They may work only weekdays from 9am-5pm

Elevator: You must book your elevator with the management office to move in or move out.

Trash: Located on every floor there is a trash chute. For recycling the bins are located at every garage level and downstairs at receiving.