Portofino Yacht Club Staff

Let me introduce our management staff at the Portofino Yacht Club which you probably already know.

The big boss or Captain is Ron, he is always super active but always has time for you. I have no idea how he finds the time to listen to everyone’s little problems!

Then there is Carlos who is his assistant and always has a smile on his face. You can bother him for anything going from fobs to parking garage stickers. Finally, there is Carolina who is very personable and will help you with all the numbers. Her job must be tough when she has to call the different owners to tell them that they are late on their dues!

Two days ago we had our Portofino Yacht Club pool deck Christmas party. Great to meet all the neighbors and the food was delicious.

Lobby update: demolition should start at the end of April 2019 and will be done in 2 phases

Just got under contract #2001 which is a 2/2 for $640,000 but the buyer has to pay pool assessment. It was a bidding war to get this one. It had been on the market for such a long time but when the seller finally reduced it to $650,000 I had 3 buyers put in an offer. The cash deal made it. This is actually something you should know about cash deals. The seller prefers cash deal because it means that after the inspection contingency which is usually 15 days, the contract goes hard which means the buyer cannot get out any longer. However, in this case, the buyer was financing the property which is totally aloud but he risks his deposit if the financing doesn’t go thru. All this to say that you can write up a cash contract to be appealing to the seller and still do financing as long as you are ready to lose your deposit or pay in full the entire transaction.