Proper Use of Recycling Trash Bins in the Mail Room

Proper waste management is essential for maintaining a clean and sustainable living environment. In an effort to encourage responsible recycling practices, the management team of the Yacht Club at Portofino would like to address an important matter concerning the proper use of recycling trash bins located within the mail room :

The recycling bins in the mail room are designated for mail-related items only, such as paper, cardboard, envelopes, and recyclable materials. Placing inappropriate items in these bins can lead to spills, stains, and damage to the surrounding wood covering. Improper disposal of pet waste and diapers can also cause unpleasant odors. By adhering to the designated use of the recycling bins and disposing of items appropriately, we can maintain a clean and pleasant living environment for all residents.

The management team kindly requests the cooperation of all residents in adhering to the designated use of the recycling trash bins. It is important that we work together to create a well-maintained and enjoyable living experience for everyone in the building community.

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