May – New Blue Wave Insignia

Welcome to the May update in the Yacht Club at Portofino! You can find the newest information regarding the building below :

We are excited to announce that our sign vendor has recently completed the installation of stunning blue wave vinyl insignias across various areas of our premises. As you walk through the doors of our lobby, pool deck, and gym, you’ll be greeted by these captivating insignias, gracefully adorning the glass surfaces. The vibrant blue waves create a sense of movement and tranquility, perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of our establishment.

Not stopping at just the interior spaces, our attention to detail extends to the exterior as well. If you venture over to our jacuzzi area, you’ll discover an elegant aluminum wave insignia, serving as a focal point of relaxation and indulgence. Its sleek design beautifully complements the surrounding environment, inviting you to unwind and enjoy the soothing waters.

With these carefully crafted insignias strategically placed throughout our premises, we aim to create a unified visual language that embodies our commitment to excellence and aesthetics. We believe that these artistic elements will not only enhance the overall ambiance but also leave a lasting impression on all who pass through our doors.

The Yacht Club staff is looking forward to welcoming you to our revamped spaces, where every detail has been thoughtfully curated to offer you an extraordinary living experience.

Concerning the real estate in The Yacht Club at Portofino,  a new corner unit is available for sale on the 14th floor. The condo is facing the Bay. You can schedule a showing with the Real Estate company located next to the lobby.  Visit them to have more information! You can also reach out to Daniela and her team via email at:,  or phone: +1 786 567 1048