Yacht Club at Portofino Condo -New precautions to avoid the Coronavirus spread

The Yacht Club at Portofino Condo Association has been on top of the Coronavirus situation by taking some measurements and advising its residents of the best preventions to take. That is the main reason why, effective immediately, the Yacht Club has decided to take some extra precautions to avoid the pandemic spread.

Firstly, commercial activities, such as real estate showing, open houses, and contractor visits have been prohibited until further notice. Move-in’s and move out’s are still permitted at the Yacht Club at Portofino Condo.

Another measurement took by the Portofino Yacht Club Condo was to limit deliveries to only be able to access the front desk or the receiving area. Residents are instructed to go down to these areas to receive their deliveries. In case the resident informs the concierge, they are feeling sick, their packages will be sent to their units avoiding physical contact with the employees and other residents.

Only urgent maintenance problems that require a contractor’s visit will be allowed. Such as appliance repairs, leaks, etc. Each case will be handled differently as per the management office instructions. The Yacht Club maintenance staff will be reduced and will only handle priority matters.

Valet parking will no longer access anyone’s vehicle. For those residents that use Valet Parking for their second vehicle, they are instructed to access the valet gate for them to self-park. The valet employees will open remotely and have them see an attendant stationed on the second floor. Regarding resident’s visitors, they will have to be announced and the unit’s resident must confirm they are his visitors in order for a valet to open the gate for them.

All these extra measurements have the only goal to maintain the safety and healthiness of the Yacht Club at Portofino Condo residents and its staff.