What is the Yacht Club at Portofino doing to prevent the Coronavirus spread?

The Coronavirus spread is making condo associations take some radical decision to minimize the expansion risk and slow the pandemic’s progress. That is the main reason why the Yacht Club at Portofino Condo Association decided to take some precautions effective today, March 19th, 2020.

Here is a list of preventive methods the Portofino Yacht Club is following from now on until further notice:


1. The Tuesday Board Meetings at The Yacht Club Condo management office have now been canceled.

2. Common areas will be closed such as the fitness center, the Billiard room on the 3rd floor. As well as the pool and jacuzzi will be limited to half its capacity.

3. The management office at the Portofino Yacht Club will be working remotely and will only answer via email. In case you require their help please contact office@90alton.com.

4. Contractors won’t be permitted to access the building except for emergencies such as AC repairs, leaks, or other urgent appliances repairs.

5. Guests won’t be allowed on-site if the Yacht Club resident is not there. The front desk will sign them in to avoid any physical approach.

6. Portofino Yacht Club residents will have to report to the lobby and greet their visitors. If possible, please avoid having visitors.

7. The fingerprint access has been shut off. Only fobs will be admitted to access the readers at the Yacht Club.

8. Residents are requested to self-quarantine if they are feeling ill. For all the rest of the residents at the Yacht Club, the management office is requesting not to go out, but for necessities.

9. For elderly residents, it is recommended to not use the elevators with over 2 people.

10. The management office will guide residents over 60 years old to set up delivery accounts to get their groceries delivered with apps such as Instacart, Publix, Uber Eats, etc.

11. Valet employees at the Yacht Club at Portofino must wear gloves and wash their hands as often as possible.

12. Employees have been asked to bring their lunch and snack with them. They will ask to go home if they show any signs of illness. They are disinfecting and washing their hands as often as possible.


The Yacht Club at Portofino is taking all these preventive regulations to assure its residents and team safety. They strongly recommend every involved party to remain prudent and follow the guidelines.



Even residents at this condo are trying to give some interesting initiatives to help the Yacht Club community. Initiatives such as the one a family had by offering home-cooked daily meals to their neighbors. The family husband is a chef and restaurant owner that wants to help his condo community by only charging for the food cost and supplies but not for the cooking service provided. If you might be interested to get into his meal prep plan, text the following number: (305) 922-3779.