Why buy a condo at the Portofino Yacht Club compared to similar priced buildings in South Beach?

This week I had some clients who were struggling to see the difference between The Floridian which has a similar architecture to the Portofino Yacht Club so I’ve decided to compare our beautiful condo to other condos in the South Beach. This competitive analysis will be based on several criteria starting with the neighborhood of the condo, its amenities, its renovations, its floor plans and its views. To be more precise let’s compare it to Sunset Harbour towers, the Waverly, the Floridian and South Pointe towers.

  • Portofino Yacht Club vs Sunset Harbour condo

Sunset Harbour is located in a great new and vibrant neighborhood. This neighborhood just popped up on the scene 3-4 years ago. Great restaurants, small trendy stores and of course Publix and Fresh market make this neighborhood very cozy and enjoyable all year round. If you want to meet “locals” that where you hang out. Plus it’s walking distance to Lincoln road and Trader’s Joe.  So those are all assets for Sunset Harbour. Both lobbies, elevators and hallways of both towers have been remodeled. Where I feel we are at an advantage is in terms of views and distance to the beach. On the East side of the building you barely see the ocean from Sunset Harbour whereas from our East facing units the ocean is right under your nose.

Then in terms of distance to the beach it is day and night. Nobody would walk from Sunset Harbour to the beach because it’s very far. However from the Yacht Club at Portofino it’s a short distance. You can even take the more scenic route thru the boardwalk.


  • Portofino Yacht Club vs the Floridian condo

Architecture and floor plans are very similar in these two condos. The assets of the Floridian are its see thru balconies and the remodeling of their lobby and hallways which has been very successful. On the downside the neighborhood is not as great as South of Fifth since there are not many restaurants or retails in the area. Plus it’s not walkable to the beach. However views are mesmerizing if not better than at the Yacht Club since you don’t see the port of Miami but instead the beautiful mansions of Star island.

The amenities are similar since the Floridian has a tennis court and a similar gym (although not on the bay) but I feel the pool area is very small at the Floridian.

In terms of prices they are definitely more affordable than at the Yacht Club since on average the Floridian condos are $100/sqft less than the ones of the Portofino Yacht Club.


  • Portofino Yacht Club vs the Waverly condo

I think the two buildings don’t even compare but some clients have asked me to see both so here is my analysis.

First the Waverly sits vertically to the bay so the condos which have a sweeping view of the bay or the ocean are more limited. The 01 and 02 line are the best of the building.

The location of the Waverly is kind of convenient since you can walk to Whole Foods and to Lincoln road. However you cannot walk to the beach.

The one thing I dislike about the Waverly is that the balconies are made of concrete which means that when you sit on your couch you don’t see anything except your balcony furniture. Plus I think there is lost space with these foyer which would be great in a spacious mansion but are unnecessary in a 1,000sqft condo.


  • Portofino Yacht Club vs South Pointe tower

The South Pointe tower is the only comparable building in the neighborhood. Prices are much higher but it’s all worth it. First the building is closer to the beach and then it’s amenities and porte-cachere are shared with the Portofino tower which gives it a touch of luxury. You can find bigger units than at the Yacht Club so that’s a plus as well. The only downside of that building is the gym since it’s in the basement so doesn’t give you the kick to exercise on a daily basis!