Who’s who in the Portofino Yacht Club

1.Management in the Portofino Yacht Club


The management office is located on the 3rd floor of the building, on the other side of the parking garage. The staff will help you with your valet stickers, updated fobs, your vehicle registration tag, mailbox keys, register new guests…


Ron: manager@90alton.com.  He is the captain of the ship! If you couldn’t fix an issue with his team he is the person to escalate to. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and empathic. His office door at the Portofino Yacht Club is always open for you


Cristina: admin@90alton.com . Cristina takes care of numbers. She is the person to go to for issues with maintenance fees and assessments. She will give you your statement of account for your condo at the Portofino Yacht Club. She is very knowledgeable and will take the time needed with you to solve your issues.


Carlos: office@90alton.com Carlos is always so smiley and friendly. He is the first person you will meet when entering the management office and he will direct you towards the appropriate person. He is very friendly and reliable.


2. Front desk


The Portofino Yacht Club has a 24/24 7 days a week awesome front desk staff. They know everything about everyone!

CJ, Wendy, Nandy, and Jose will indulge you with their service-oriented personality and knowledge of the condo and its surroundings.

They welcome your guests, they can order a taxi for you, advise you on the best restaurants in town, get your package, track video surveillance, holding envelopes.




The valet guys at the Portofino Yacht Club are your first contact with the building. They represent the image of the condo: friendly and helpful.

Antonio, Oscar, Dani, Diego, Edson, and Walter will do their best to keep your car outdoors, to park your car for you, to help you with grocery shopping and also with dog walking!


4. Retail


The retails shops at the Portofino Yacht Club are located in the lobby, to the left of the mailboxes. They are composed of a convenience store, a hairdresser, a contractor and my real estate office.

At this time the convenience store is closed since they are planning a remodeling of the place at the same time as the lobby will be remodeled in a few weeks. However, when it reopens, you’ll be glad to enjoy oven made pizzas and Italian gourmet wines.

The hairdresser, Giancarlo De Berardinis is a famous hairdresser from NY. I’ve sent 2 or 3 of my girlfriends and they were very happy with their fresh and modern looks.

The contractor located right next to my office at the Portofino Yacht Club is called TC premium concept. They remodeled around 80 units in the building and their reputation for quality goes without saying.

Finally in my office, Condoideas Realty Group, you will meet my assistant Maria and my realtors Stephanie, Stefano or Delphine. They are all professional realtors and will help you rent or sell your condo in the Yacht Club at Portofino.


5. Engineer


Chris and Bill are your saviors when it comes to dealing with technical issues in the Portofino Yacht Club. If you have a leak in your washer/dryer, a hot water heater not heating up, a mold issue, an air conditioning unit malfunctioning, just have them come to your unit to check it out. They are the 911 of the building.


6. The Board of Directors


Our board is made up of 5 unit owners. They meet monthly and you are welcome to their meetings.

At this time they are the elected members.

  • Jason Greene
  • Mitch Banchik
  • Michael Steines
  • Gerald Rosen
  • Gregory Rothschild