Summer news for the Yacht Club at Portofino

Since the Yacht Club at Portofino is almost at half occupancy in summer it is always a great time to start maintenance projects, inspect units, test alarms….

As I am writing this blog the tennis court is open. The building has just finished working on the drainage. However, from the 22nd to the 28th it will be closed for resurfacing. They are also going to put a fob system on both gates so that kids cannot enter without supervision.

Did you notice that charging stations have been installed at the pool and in the gym of the Portofino Yacht Club? I think that’s a brilliant idea.  Who doesn’t need to recharge his phone when spending a full day perfecting his tan!

Speaking of improvements, it’s time for the annual preventive maintenance. The Portofino Yacht Club engineers will enter every single unit to replace smoke detectors, check all toilets and ceilings for leaks, check all faucets and sliding doors. Today they also tested the fire alarms on every floor. It lasted all morning.

Also, did you know that an emergency planning committee was created to deal with hurricane preparedness? They will ensure that the staff is well trained for hurricanes, they will prepare a manual so every resident knows what to do in case they decide to stay inside the Yacht Club at Portofino during a hurricane.

Finally, what is happening with the lobby project? The fire department of the city is giving the building some issues in terms of construction phases. They now suggested that the remodeling be done in 3 phases instead of two. Bottom line the Portofino Yacht Club still doesn’t have any permits so the demolition won’t occur before September at best.