Exciting update on lobby remodeling at the Yacht Club at Portofino

For the people who passed in front of my office, you have noticed that we cleared up almost everything since the lobby remodeling will start in the next few weeks. Our temporary offices will be located in the management office of the Portofino Yacht Club, on the 3rd floor.

So what’s the plan for this famous lobby? The first phase will start the beginning of July and according to the plan should last only 3-4months. During this phase, the convenience store floor, my office floor, the hallway, and the bathrooms will be remodeled.

The second phase of the lobby renovation at the Yacht Club at Portofino will be the actual lobby itself. During that stage, the lobby will be closed off and access to the premises will be done from the side entrance thru the hallway. At that time the front desk will be located in my current office.

Finally, the cherry on the cake will be new elevator control panels which will be installed when the lobby is finished.

So how long is this project going to last? The plan is to be done in early 2020 but I suspect completion for the summer of 2020 at best.

The question a majority of my clients ask me is if sales and rentals at the Portofino Yacht Club will be impacted during that time?

Yes if you want to buy a unit at the Yacht Club at Portofino during the lobby remodeling chances are you will wait till it’s finished or you will decide to buy in a building which has more appeal. Unfortunately, tenants will have the same behavior and will avoid renting during that time. All this to say that the lobby renovations will have a drastic impact on sales and rentals so we have to be ready for a difficult and stressful year.

Nevertheless, as residents, our routine won’t be so much impacted since the majority of us go from the parking garage directly to our unit. Plus I am sure the solutions provided by the management of the Portofino Yacht Club to alleviate the lobby traffic will be very well thought and will ease this incoming year.