Before and After stunning renovations at the Yacht Club at Portofino #2806 and #1912

Why do first impressions count so much? And even more so in real estate! Have you ever seen your dream house online, quickly sent it to your realtor for her to take an appointment and then as soon as you got inside your dream house you were so disappointed? Did it smell bad, was it messy, was there negative energy? Who knows but bottom line your dream house was really a nightmare.

In real estate, first impressions count a lot so let’s try to make the best of your unit before selling it. At the Yacht Club at Portofino we’ve had the chance to sell so many remodeled units far quicker than original condition units.

Let’s take for example Portofino Yacht Club #2806 which we sold in less than 45 days. This is a one bedroom facing the bay which has been totally remodeled and very well decorated. I was doing an open house for that unit when some buyers came into the Yacht Club at Portofino and I showed them #2806. They immediately loved it but they still asked me to show them other units in the building to compare with this one. The other ones I showed them at the Yacht Club at Portofino were actually cheaper but not remodeled and that #2806 stayed in their heads till they decided to put an offer and finally bought it. Let me show you the difference between an original bathroom and a remodeled one as well as a new kitchen and an old one.

Now let’s have a look at a 2bedroom which I just rented today. The tenant had viewed at least 5 others rentals in the Yacht Club at Portofino and his budget was way lower than the $5,500/month required to get #1912. The owner has just remodeled it and he spent around $100,000-$150,000 so he didn’t want to rent it like the other units in the building. His unit is a premium unit in the Portofino Yacht Club since it’s remodeled corner unit with bay views.

He was one of the first owners in the building and he still had carpet in the bedrooms! Look at the before and after pictures which require no words from me!