Under contract! – Portofino Yacht Club condo

Great real estate week since I got #2609 and #2612 under contract. I know that #1504 and #309 are also under contract. Things are moving down here! Next month I’ll tell you the closing price.

The lobby project of the Portofino Yacht Club is getting closer. The demolition permit will be approved in 2/3 weeks so they can start checking what’s behind the walls and avoid surprises. At this point they are looking to get bids from 3 different contractors but apparently it’s difficult to get bids because the contractors are very busy in Miami. They will approach the contractors used by the Waverly, Floridian and Continuum to check their prices.

Other good news we are going to have trees on the front swale of the building. In the next 2 weeks orange Geiger trees will be planted. New soil and irrigation will also be updated so they don’t have to change the grass all the time.

Another new project on the agenda is the elevator control panels and aesthetics. A study will be launched soon to get an estimate on how much money this project will cost. Not to worry about another assessment since it will be taken out of the reserves. This project will start when the lobby is finished.

Bad news regarding the storage units since this project is not going to see the light for the moment. There is not enough FAR (usable space) at the Yacht Club at Portofino to build them.