Deal at the Portofino Yacht Club condo

This is the best deal in the Yacht Club at Portofino #2609 reduced to $680,000. Not remodeled but great price and awesome views of the ocean.

Flat 6 just sold for $750,000 which is a great price since it wasn’t remodeled. The flats are the units right under the pool with a gorgeous view of the marina. It feels like you are in a boat.

The barcode project has started in the Portofino Yacht Club. No need to do anything since the management office will put the new barcodes on every car in the garage. These new barcodes will be on the headlights so much more discrete than the previous ones.

Finally, I just had my mani-pedi done at Giancarlo’s salon next to my office in the lobby. Did you know that I’ve sent 3 of my girlfriends for a haircut and the three of them were very pleased with their new hairstyle?